Reading Challenge 70% done and a great book also found.

  Another month done.  It's the end of July 2017 already, and again I'm looking outside at the rain beating down!  Can't beat a good UK summer!? So, how has my reading being going!  Two more books done since my last blog.  What have I read I hear you call. Book #34 - Hard Boiled … Continue reading Reading Challenge 70% done and a great book also found.

Two Enjoyable Reads – Challenge update 54%

The year continues to fly by, as I find myself already at the end of May 2017, with the sunshine beating down...followed briskly by an unexpected rain shower.  Football season has drawn to a close, so one less distraction to my reading for a bit. So what have I read since my last blog, well, … Continue reading Two Enjoyable Reads – Challenge update 54%

Reading challenge – 50% completed!

Well I'm posting an update on my reading challenge as I've hit a milestone!  I've completed half of my yearly target, ahead of schedule, which has surprised me as thought I'd struggle this year...but have read some books within a day or two this time round, I'm finding my reading habits are changing, developing or … Continue reading Reading challenge – 50% completed!

Reading Challenge update – Middle of May

Well my progress is looking good!  As per Goodreads I'm 46% of my challenge complete, which apparently puts me 5 books ahead of schedule.  So what have I consumed since my last blog?   Book #21 - Rise of the Shadow Stealers by Daniel Ingram-Brown This is an intelligent, well thought out story about two … Continue reading Reading Challenge update – Middle of May

Book challenge update and I’m officially a ‘Top Reviewer’!

It's May 2017, ALREADY!, wow time is flying by.  So what's new.  Well I'm officially, and have the badge to prove it, a Top Reviewer on NetGalley.  Where a certain number of publishers have used my reviews of their books. 🙂 I'm also 40% into by annual reading challenge of completing fifty books in one … Continue reading Book challenge update and I’m officially a ‘Top Reviewer’!

36% Reading Challenge Completed!

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me again!  It is now getting close to the end of April, the sun is shining nicely outside!  Me and my youngest son are now getting out biking quite regularly which is really nice, and my book challenge is going surprisingly well.  As per Goodreads website, I'm 36% done and three … Continue reading 36% Reading Challenge Completed!

Reading Challenge – Easter Weekend

At last, I've finished my working week and now have four days off! Yes! The most time I've had off together since October 2016.  Cue Violins! Anyway, back to blogging business, how is my reading going.  Well, I've read three books since my last blog, but two of them I've unusually for me read within … Continue reading Reading Challenge – Easter Weekend