5 Star reviews shining bright over the Insect Hotel

Well hello world of blog! feel like I've got too share this, as so proud...and touched by some lovely reviews that have spilled out over my book on Amazon over the last couple of days! I've copied the reviews below...all five stars!  Makes it all worth while and definitely encouraging me to crack on with … Continue reading 5 Star reviews shining bright over the Insect Hotel


Home made Bird Feeder

Check out our home made bird feeder, which me and the little one (Harry) made for the Insect Hotel grounds!  We both had lot's of fun making this, which again was cost effective and got us outside in the garden looking after our local wildlife. Ignore the messy kitchen (Oops). So how did we do … Continue reading Home made Bird Feeder

Happy Bees and the Garden


Do you have a bee-friendly garden?
The lovely bees are looking for 2 things in your garden: nectar and pollen. If you think that your garden does not need bees, you might be wrong. You may know that some plants are pollinated by birds, butterflies, moths and wasps, but the most of the work is done by bees.

How can you make your garden bee-friendly? It is very easy.
Here are a few tips for you.

• It is recommended to plant several colors of flowers. Bees love especially white, yellow, blue, purple and violet.
• You can plant flowers of different shapes
• Do not use pesticides because they might kill bees too
• Choose plants which are flowering through spring, summer and fall
• Grow flowers in clumps
• Plant herbs like: bee balm, borage, catnip, coriander, fennel, lavender, mint, rosemary, sage, thyme
• Use native plants (bees…

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Hello Harlequin

The Insect Hotel maintenance crew did some great work today, clearing the grounds and preparing for the summer season and pending new visitors. While there the expedition crew found an exciting and interesting discovery.  A quite menacing looking beetle, that Dad hadn't seen before.  Black in colour with orange looking spikes across it's back.  "Wow" … Continue reading Hello Harlequin

Summer maintenance work to begin

With the sun slowly setting behind the brown wooden fence and the temperature starting to cool nicely some of the nearby hotel staff, with a nice day predicted the following day, geared up and prepared themselves to begin some much needed clearance work at the hotel grounds.  Which now looked more like an Amazon jungle … Continue reading Summer maintenance work to begin