As you all know I’ve been doing a Goodreads reading challenge this/last year 2016, and completed it.  My self given target was 45 books in a year, a feat I have never come close to before.  And so how did I finish up?

Well, I squeezed one last book in since my last blog.  Leaving me on a grand total of 50 books read, with Goodreads stating I completed 111% of my challenge. 🙂

So my last book of 2016 was……



Book #50 – Hammers on Bone by Cassandra Khaw

I really enjoyed this book. Why? Well I enjoyed the Noir feel to it, and the first person style narration, which was further mixed with being set in the current day and also has a bit of fantasy type magical monsters thrown in. What a recipe.

And bearing all that in mind, the story doesn’t get mixed up or confusing, it makes it quite charming and definitely an entertaining read. The author has a very slick, cool writing style that well definitely have me keeping an eye out for future work. The story follows an old fashioned detective Joe Parsons, who as the story unfolds, we find has some hidden and interesting traits. He is hired by a ten year old seeking help for himself and his younger brother from a nasty stepdad, who also has some unexpected traits about him. And so this story unfolds.

So a really good story and style. Worth keeping an eye on.  4 out of 5 stars.



So now I’m pondering what challenge or target to give myself for 2017?  I’m also debating my own book ‘The Insect Hotel’ and whether to write another as a few people have asked me too.  Or leave it and focus on reading, family and my job in the NHS which is going well.

Thanks for reading my reviews in 2016, hope you enjoyed them!  Thanks to everyone who has commented and/or liked any!  Love to hear from all of you (getting greedy now!) So please drop me a line, follow me on twitter or Goodreads!

Take care, and get…..reading!








5 thoughts on “My reading 2016

  1. Well done on completing the Goodreads Challenge I passed mine too. Also bought myself a reading log for 2017 and decided to list first the books I own that have still to be read. The reading log holds 100 pages therefore 100 books. I filled the book already with my challenge list to be tackled and had to buy a new book LOL My target is 100.

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