Well, 2017 is going at a rather quick pace, as we hit early February faster then one of my best jokes hit’s a violent, awkward silence.  Tumbleweed rolls on by….

So, after an enjoyable first few books of the year, we finish January with a little bit of a whimper.



Book #5 – Anamesis by Whitney Murphy

How to review this book? Well, it’s about a race of people/animal that have awoken from some catastrophe with no memories. Their world is now in ruin and we follow the survivors adventures as they try to not only stay alive, but figure out what is and has happened.

I did enjoy and like how we were discovering and piecing things together at the same time as our main characters, Loreu and Thayl who I believe or pictured to be furry monkey type things! It is never really explained to you, so you have to picture and work it out for yourself, both what our main characters really are and what has happened as you go along. Which is nice. But this also adds to the confusion that is smeared all over the book, which I’m assuming is done my design.

So I’m giving this book three stars ‘I liked it’ it just never really gripped me and the confusion throughout probably added to that. An author worth keeping an eye on.

Book #6 – Inpector Hobbes and the Bones by Wilkie Martin

This is the fourth book of a series of ‘unhuman’ crime mysteries, which unfortunately I haven’t read prior to reading this instalment, so it’s possible this has taken something away from what’s going on, for me.

This book is a light hearted, easy to read story where the main characters Inspector Hobbes and Andy Caplet are strongly based/linked to Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. With the interesting twist that we find Inspector Hobbes is undead (or unhuman) and is a vaguely interesting character. Unlike Andy, who I found extremely grating, clumsy, hard done too and accident prone to the degree of annoyance.

And here, this is where my interest fell straight away. Not only was the Watson character frustrating and to be honest…uninteresting, which took away some of my interest but also for me the crime mystery and plot was a little obvious from the off set and so unfortunately I never felt the desire to carry on to see what was going to happen next! I also didn’t find the light hearted comedy funny enough to get me through.

Almost didn’t finish, but did skim read pages and rushed through to the end. A disappointing read.  Two stars out of five.


Right, back to the book shelf! I need a good book to pick me up…..




2 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenge – 12% done.

  1. If by a pick me up book you mean something inspiring, I think I can help you.

    Have you considered reading nonfiction?

    I post book reviews over biographies, classics, and inspiring nonfiction, which might be kind of new for you, but I encourage you to give it a shot.

    I am posting a review over the most inspiring book I have read tomorrow. Please, take a look at my page. Hopefully you will find something that will pick you up.


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