Well I’m sat at home on one of my day’s off, its the end of March 2017 and it’s wet, windy and spitting a little rain outside.  Perfect conditions to stay in and read.  So how’s my reading challenge going, well as per Goodreads I’m one book ahead of schedule (Phew!) and 26% completed.  So doing well, although think my target this year is going to be a push to maintain.

Anyway, what have I read since my last post?

Book #12 – Behind the Mask – Numerous Authors

This is a collection of twenty short stories about superhero’s, but from a more personal side, almost their stories with their masks off. Not lot’s of fighting of monsters and aliens, but internal struggles, finding themselves etc. And each story is written by a different author, so the styles vary slightly but with the uniqueness of there not really being a weak chapter, each is written with it’s own merits, but of course there will be one or two you warm to ahead of the others. Although as I’m typing this struggling to think of one I had as a favourite!?!

I think one aspect that amused me, and more from an observation that once I’d noticed it I couldn’t ignore it, was that eighteen or nineteen of the twenty stories where all based around female superheroes or leads. Which isn’t a problem at all! But did strike me as odd, different, not sure what the word is? Unique maybe, and found myself chuckling when I’d start a new story and once again it was a female superhero. Perhaps this is simply what we’ve had in history for years but in reverse, with mainly male dominated superhero stories. I don’t know.

But overall I liked it.  Three out of Five stars.


Book#13 – I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells

Well I have to say I really enjoyed this book! Admittedly I came across it on Kindle for a mere 0.99p and thought I would give it a try. And boy I’m glad I did. For me this book is like the TV series Dexter meets the Netflix TV series Stranger things. And I love Stranger Things!

The lead character is a young teenage boy John, who like Dexter, is a Sociopath who works (Unlike Dexter) with his mother in a mortuary. But I’m sure the similarities are clear here. He is a fascinating and interesting character who I warmed to straight away with his blunt, dark and slightly humorous thoughts which are written with such simplicity that you can’t help but like this character, even though I’m not entirely sure you should. And so the story goes on with the small town in which he lives, suddenly becoming victim to an apparent serial killer. And the story goes on, really really well with the author’s writing gripping you hard. Then almost half way through…Bam!

We take a sudden twist, flip and wow. With the potential for the story to collapse, which was going well and worried me on how things would now pan out with some additional and unexpected horror, but I’m pleased to say I thought it continued with the engrossing standard the first part of the story had! and I continued to read through in joy. Loved it. Want more!

Five out of Five stars.




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