At last, I’ve finished my working week and now have four days off! Yes! The most time I’ve had off together since October 2016.  Cue Violins!

Anyway, back to blogging business, how is my reading going.  Well, I’ve read three books since my last blog, but two of them I’ve unusually for me read within a day or two! A good sign I believe.  So, what have I read?


Book #14 – A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Wow. All I think I’m going to say on this book is that firstly, it’s the first book that I can remember where I’ve read it straight through in one day! And secondly, that it hit’s you, a little as expected, emotionally at the end.  It is about a young boy, growing up and dealing with his mothers terminal illness with the help (help?) of a tree like monster.

This is a beautiful book that I recommend with ease.

Five out of Five stars.

Book #15 – Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft

I gave this book a try on the backing of many, many five star and glowing reviews from a lot of people/friends on Goodreads who’s view I very much rate and respect. I still do by the way.

But I didn’t get the same joy and satisfaction they did about this book. I’m sorry to say. I possibly missed something. Now for sure, the world building by the author is interesting and the tower is an intriguing place, but other than that I didn’t enjoy this book and had to force myself to persevere. I found it very slow paced as we slowly plodded on, I never felt the need to quickly read another page to see what happens next.

I think, and this always seems to effect me I’ve noticed, is that I didn’t like, care or get on with the main character Senlin. I think if he was me, and don’t think this is a spoiler as such, but had my wife gone missing I’d be a little bit more upset, panicked, concerned or frantic. He takes it all in his stride and doesn’t seem overly effected, so much so that he buys her various silks while waiting around in case she reappears and a little later (a day or two) buys himself a nice suit.

But hay, that’s the good thing with books and reviews, we’re all different. I’m giving this an ‘ok’ two stars. Wanted to like it, sadly I didn’t.

Book #16 – His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet

His Bloody Project is a novel about the murder of three members of a family by a young 17 year old boy, Ruddy, in a very rural 19th century Scotland.

I think I’m going to start off by saying, I don’t believe, I’ve read anything like this before. The style seems to me quite unique and after a slow start, I was gripped and got through the book within a few days. I enjoyed the descriptions, details and portrayal of what life was like back then. How difficult making a living was when under the strict and sometimes harsh controls of both Landlords, the church and a quite claustrophobic community.

The main character, and murderer, is a young Ruddy who you can’t help warm to and feel for. Well I did. From the offset there is no doubt of his guilt. He freely and happily admits it, but the story is around explaining why he did such a hideous crime, and then the trials with which his lawyer attempts to prove his insanity and get some sort of plea bargain in.

So all good. But I’m giving this four stars out of five.  Why the drop star. Firstly it was a slower burner at the beginning, and it took me a while to get into it. Secondly, I found the frequent repeating of events a tad tedious, where we would look at various events from different peoples views, then again from reports and then again during the trial. Skimming bits almost seemed a necessity to prevent a stronger grip by boredom.

But overall I did enjoy this book. It was like Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’ in 19th century Scotland.


Now, let my lovely long Easter weekend begin! 🙂





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