Hi everyone, thanks for joining me again!  It is now getting close to the end of April, the sun is shining nicely outside!  Me and my youngest son are now getting out biking quite regularly which is really nice, and my book challenge is going surprisingly well.  As per Goodreads website, I’m 36% done and three books ahead of schedule 🙂

So what have I read since I last Blogged??


Book #17 – The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

I couldn’t resist re-reading an old classic from my younger days, and see how it stands now against the dreaded tests of time. As a boy I loved the cartoon Disney film, was a member of the boy scouts with names after characters from the book and recently with my young one, really enjoyed the new Jungle Book film, so was looking forward to reading this again.

And I was surprised how different not only the story, but more so some of the characters are! Leaving me to wonder if I did really read this as a youngster? either that or the Disney films really left an impression on me and wiped my memory slightly. This wouldn’t be difficult. For starters, and don’t believe this is a spoiler, Baloo the big friendly, tad cheeky and lazy bear from the films is actually a bit of a rough task master who trains up the young wolf cubs from the pack, along with new addition Mowgli. The scary Shere Khan from the films, is a disappointing lame tiger and the snake Kaa helps out with the rescue of Mowgli from the monkeys, rather then try to eat him. I won’t continue with all the differences, as you always get that with books, but it amazed me. Disappointed me a little too.

In this book, however, we also get some other short stories about other animals. One in particular I enjoyed was Riki-Tiki-Tavi, the mongoose who protects a human family from snakes. The others, sadly, bored me a little and I never got into them. Skipped the odd bit too, Ssshhhh.

So overall a nice little book, full of nostalgia for me, but one where….dare I say it…the films are better.  Three stars out of Five.

Book #18 – The City by Stella Gemmell

This is one long, epic book and story.

I’m struggling to gauge how much I liked it, or not, so giving it a ‘liked it’ three stars. Kind of sitting on the fence with this one. Doesn’t quite merit four stars from me. Why? I hear you ask. Well, I liked the intelligence in the writing, the detail and intrigue of the City and majority of the characters are very real and worth buying into, and the overall premise of the story is good! I also liked how some characters you’ve kind of grew up with ‘as does seem hell of a long saga’ can be quickly killed off without warning. So you genuinely feel worried about the characters entering situations as nothing or no one is guaranteed safety. Which I liked. Made dangers feel more real.

What I didn’t enjoy so much was, to be honest, how long the story is. 700 pages, it felt a massive slog to get through. The writing style, which I will say is intelligent and detailed, is slow. The book is slow paced throughout. Never gripping, full throttle and making me want to rush back to read on to find out what happens next. The characters are generally good, well written and interesting with one of the characters I warmed too the most Bartellus, an old weathered soldier with a good back story BUT, and I’m sorry this annoyed me, BUT the author sporadically kept referring too as ‘Bart’. God this made me cringe! In the same paragraph he would be called both Bartellus and then Bart. I hated this. Sorry. But this guy was a good warrior, hero etc. etc. and too simply call him Bart seemed disrespectful.

So it is with a sense of accomplishment that I have completed this book, but with more of a sense of thank goodness I got through that rather then, WOW what an exciting read. The ending seems to obviously be leading to another book. Although the above sounds harsh, it’s a good, EPIC and long fantasy read. Three stars sums it up for me nicely.


Thank you for reading my blog, again, love to know your thoughts! give me a like or a message.  Take care, and enjoy your spring!  🙂




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