It’s May 2017, ALREADY!, wow time is flying by.  So what’s new.  Well I’m officially, and have the badge to prove it, a Top Reviewer on NetGalley.  Where a certain number of publishers have used my reviews of their books. 🙂

I’m also 40% into by annual reading challenge of completing fifty books in one year.  So what have I read since my last Blog?



Book #19 – Ex Libris: Stories of Librarians, Libraries and Lore

This is an interesting collection of short stories, connected by the theme of books, libraries or a little magic and mystery. The stories do range, as I’d guess you’d expect, in standard. One or two are quite interesting and absorbing making you want to keep an eye on that author, like the story ‘In the House of Seven Librarians’ however one or two are a little weak and require skipping! I have other books on my shelf that I’m looking forward to reading.

The premise of this collection of stories is good, us book lovers can’t resist a good gripping story about a library or untold mysteries discovered in a book. The front cover definitely caught my eye! Love the artwork here, I just needed or wanted one or two stronger stories to be truly gripping. A rating of two stars from me, as it’s ok, could of been better.

Book #20 – The Whale Road by Robert Low

The Whale road by Robert Low see’s me dip back into the genre of Historical Fiction, following a group of Vikings called the Oathsworn, and our main character Orm Rurikson (The Bear Slayer). This was passed to me from a family member who enjoyed it, and I’ve had this on my ‘To-Read’ list on Goodreads for a while so was pleased to get into it.

The overall story is us following young Orm and his brotherhood of Vikings as they go, relic hunting. And overall I did like it, and at one point remember thinking to myself while reading that this is what I hoped Cornwell’s Viking series was like, which sadly did disappoint me. This book has action, grit, realistic feel about what life aboard a Viking ship was like as well as dangers which seem genuine dangers, as the author has no qualms with killing off character’s you start to like and feel are developing into something bigger or major. And at this point I think it leads me to a bit of a negative. The characters, apart from Orm, aren’t developed a lot so you don’t get that emotional feel or hold that I believe good books give you. Making you want to keep going etc.

Although that being said, I think I like this author and his work here! So I will be looking to read more in the series, as believe Robert Low could become one of my favourite historical fiction writers. We’ll wait and see.


Thanks for dropping by my Blog and reviews! Please leave me a like, if you liked it, or send me a message to share your views on these books.  Love hearing from you guys.

Take care, and enjoy the springtime sunshine! 🙂







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