The year continues to fly by, as I find myself already at the end of May 2017, with the sunshine beating down…followed briskly by an unexpected rain shower.  Football season has drawn to a close, so one less distraction to my reading for a bit.

So what have I read since my last blog, well, two books I’ve really enjoyed I’ll have you know!


Book #26 – John Dies at the End by David Wong

I’ve had this book on my ‘to-read-list’ for a while and when recently making a book order, decided to bite the bullet and order this as well, let’s get it on. Was intrigued to check this out as a few David Wong books are starting to pique my interest. And so here I found a book a little bit different to everything else. It’s horror, I want to say mild but it isn’t really mild, but it isn’t scary or keep you up at night hiding behind the covers horror, it is quite amusing, off kilt and a little…well…weird. We do get blood, guts and tears but almost in a harmless, not real, cartoon like blood, guts and tears.

While reading it thoughts of Ghostbusters jump to mind and the Netflix TV series Stranger things, both of which I love, so echoes of them plus this weird, whacky sense of humour are rife throughout. And I did enjoy it, and read through it quite quick. The story is kind of about two guys, not loser types as such but not far off, who through certain events end up trying to save the world from other worldly dimensional monsters. And it’s quite gripping, it’s original and the writing is easy to follow and as mentioned is quite amusing. Can imagine the author is a cool guy to hang around with.

So why the dropped star, why not five? I’ll quickly say that four stars does mean ‘Really Liked it’ which I did, but, well for me it’s all a little too whacky and daft, just needed reigning in a little on the weird-o-meter (I made them up by the way). Also feel the book should of been shortened a little (480 pages) it became a bit of a slog and a little samey around the half way mark. But overall this was a good, entertaining, amusing light hearted read.

Book #27 – Sea of Rust by C.Robert Cargill

I absolutely loved this book. It is about a robot ‘Brittle’ that has survived the war that has meant robots/AI have beaten mankind and taken over the planet. So this is like the Terminator films, but afterwards, with all the fall out, mess and destruction but also with the twist that the robots won. This leaves, thirty/forty or so years later, robots like our hero Brittle scavenging the world for spare parts to continue to exist. While other big mainframes now battle it out for supremacy.

There is lot’s going on, including flashbacks to the war, robots and their previous lives and the continuing efforts of the current survivors to continue to survive. This book also raises lot’s of questions in your head and leaves you with things to contemplate.

I loved it. Think Terminator meets Mad Max, great world building here, author has done a fantastic job! I want to read more.  Five out of Five stars!



Well another thank you for reading my post, hope you enjoyed it and are even tempted to try reading them.  Hit the like button, or send me a message with what you think!  More importantly, take care out there! 🙂


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