David has enjoyed reading books since childhood, even though this was frowned upon by his peers, it made his Mum and Grandma proud. And so due to his various studies finally ending, life calming down a little and attempting the Goodreads reading challenge has rediscovered this love. He has also decided to not only read more books, but also review and blog his findings! This has fast become his new hobby. He also recently completed a life long ambition of writing a book, The Insect Hotel, which is about and includes three of his passions: His Family, His love of Nature and humour.

He is also embarking on a new career in the National Health Service, working in operating theatres.

His book, The Insect Hotel, is about him and his youngest son’s real life adventures in the garden as they attempt to occupy themselves as well as get some much needed gardening work done. Each chapter then moves onto bedtime (or should that be battle time) as David attempts to get his youngest off to sleep with some invented bedtime stories from their days adventures.

David is also very proud that Bill Oddie OBE, one of his childhood hero’s, agreed to write a lovely foreword for his book. If nothing else develops from this fun activity of attempting to write a book, he’ll always treasure some of Bill’s kind words.

David would love to hear from you, so email him on either his book reviews, your reviews or recommendations or anything (especially) about the ‘Insect Hotel’.


Thanks for your visit! 🙂


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