The newly opened Bee-Wing

The Bee-Wing Around spring time, early summer time more then likely, we decided to extend the Insect Hotel by building a Bee-wing.  The waiting list was getting longer as the popularity in the insect world for the hotel ramped up, so extending was definitely required to help accommodate all the new visitors. So how did … Continue reading The newly opened Bee-Wing

Inspired by the discovery of a lost village

Weekend trip in Lancashire We have just returned from a lovely little weekend break, in a caravan up North, Lancashire way.  In a place called Gisborn. While there we explored a lovely nature filled area called Gisborn forest, where we found many woods, nature trails, bike and walk tracks, a hide for spying on the … Continue reading Inspired by the discovery of a lost village

Strictly come Crawling…

Woke up this morning to a lovely new 5* review on Amazon and Goodreads about the Insect Hotel, which along with some others reviews ended with the comment "I loved it, Emma loved it, and she can't wait for the next book!" What with other 'work' and 'family' commitment's, have found getting down to writing … Continue reading Strictly come Crawling…

Enter the Dragonfly

Enter the DragonflyThe Insect Hotel has recently received a lovely, glowing review on Goodreads where the reviewer, along with others, have asked for more...but this one in particular has requested that the next book includes a Dragonfly as a character.  This has inspired me to get out exploring, writing and creating as must admit, I have … Continue reading Enter the Dragonfly

Hello Harlequin

The Insect Hotel maintenance crew did some great work today, clearing the grounds and preparing for the summer season and pending new visitors. While there the expedition crew found an exciting and interesting discovery.  A quite menacing looking beetle, that Dad hadn't seen before.  Black in colour with orange looking spikes across it's back.  "Wow" … Continue reading Hello Harlequin

Summer maintenance work to begin

With the sun slowly setting behind the brown wooden fence and the temperature starting to cool nicely some of the nearby hotel staff, with a nice day predicted the following day, geared up and prepared themselves to begin some much needed clearance work at the hotel grounds.  Which now looked more like an Amazon jungle … Continue reading Summer maintenance work to begin