Goodread Listopia’s

As the end of the year fast approach’s I thought I’d get at least one last blog in (not very good doing these).  And thought I’d reflect on my Insect Hotel book and mention one of the achievement’s I’m kind of proud of.

List’s on Goodreads. These lists or league tables have given my book a little recognition.  The two I’m pleased with, and sure you’ll agree are quite nice/impressive:

  • The Best Books about Creepy Crawlies: 10th out of 248 books!
  • Best Books for Children that Adults should read: 20th out of 255 books!

Link to see these on Goodreads:

These are where members of Goodreads, readers, vote for your book on certain lists.  So it’s a nice little acknowledgement, and although nothing to massively significant or official…kind of chuckle that at least somewhere our little book has overtaken books like Alice in Wonderland and Ants.


So if on Goodreads, pop over and have a look at my little book.  It’s got some really nice reviews on there.  If not, have a look for your next read, it’s quite a decent site.  Thanks for your visit, have a good new year! And if in the area, please stop by the Insect Hotel for a visit, sure you’ll enjoy it.

David & H


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