This is the speedy, sporty and adventure seeking Curly Whirly.  He participates in all sporting events that take place at The Insect Hotel grounds.

  • Name: Curly Whirly
  • Species: Snail
  • Enjoys: Racing
  • Dislikes: Sleeping

Curly Whirly was recently discovered by Harry tree climbing with a couple of his snail friends, of course…Curly Whirly was in front!


With the sun setting in the distance, barely visible over the huge garden fence and definitely not noticed by Curly Whirly, the speedy snail prepared himself for another shellblading session.
“Helmet? Check!” confirmed Curly to himself.
“Sweet looking sunglasses? Check,” he continued, smiling to himself.
“Right then, let’s do this!” And with that he pulled himself inside his shell and started rolling down the track for another hard pushed training session. “I’ll show you.”