This is Stinker, some of you may recognise or remember him from The Insect Hotel book.

He is a green shield bug that both Harry and Dad came across one day while working on the Insect Hotel grounds.

Vital Statistics:

  • Name: Stinker
  • Job: Bow Tie Salesman
  • Fav Food: Zip Zap Juice
  • Dislikes: Being scared as causes wind.

Stinker is a fan favourite of The Insect Hotel world.


While he guzzled down the much needed sip of sap from the tree, all relaxed and taking in the views, he saw a very interesting but odd looking building, tucked away peacefully behind some huge grasses, surrounded by various little bugs darting this way and that all looking very happy and contented.
“What’s this?” he thought.
So he put down the now finished cup of sap, wiped his mouth and adjusted his tie as he slowly floated down for a closer look.
“Might be some bugs here in urgent need of a bow tie,” he said to himself with a smile.
This is how Stinker first came across and discovered the wondrous ‘Insect Hotel’.