Reading Challenge – Easter Weekend

At last, I've finished my working week and now have four days off! Yes! The most time I've had off together since October 2016.  Cue Violins! Anyway, back to blogging business, how is my reading going.  Well, I've read three books since my last blog, but two of them I've unusually for me read within … Continue reading Reading Challenge – Easter Weekend


Reading Challenge 2017 – End of January

Well I'm looking out of the window, it's cold and miserable out there!  The kind of wintery day that makes you want to stay in doors, get housework done (?), watch films and read some good books.  Sure I had to say that.  So how's my reading challenge going?  Well I've read two more books … Continue reading Reading Challenge 2017 – End of January

Reading Challenge 2017, here we go!

Well, after successfully completing my Goodreads reading challenge last year, I've decided to do it again this year.  I've had such fun reading, reviewing and blogging and re-discovering my love of reading that I had no real choice, did I? So this year, I've decided too push the boat out a little more, well, kind of.  … Continue reading Reading Challenge 2017, here we go!