With the bitter, cold wintery winds and fine, drizzly rain now comfortably sat upon us Dad decided the job of sweeping up all the fallen leaves from the back garden had been delayed long enough.

“In our stories Dad, how is it that the big race snail got so big?”

“Escargot? Well, his job in the garden is to sweep up leaves and feed the big composter” Replied Dad while shovelling leaves into the gardens composter, which was already filled to the brim and was starting to spit out the odd leaf.

“Yep, him” continued Harry carefully lifting a single leaf from the ground with his woollen gloved hand and walking over to place it with the rest.

“Well, as you can see, with it being continuous and thankless heavy work, over time it has made him big and strong.  It’s like a free work out for him”.

Harry nodded, content with this answer.

“Shame it’s his day off today!” muttered Dad under his breath as he continued to scoop up the now sudden remains of leaves.


We’ve being using a Composter for a good number of years in our garden, which we use to collect grass cuttings, fallen leaves as well as vegetable and fruit peelings from our kitchen.  This over time rewards us with a dark, crumbly compost which we then use to enrich our vegetable patches and it also makes the garbage men’s jobs easier as they have less to carry to the landfill.

This is a win-win we feel, as we not only contribute a little to recycling but we also get our own, free compost to use in our garden.  Saving ourselves a few pennies.

#InsectHotel #Gardening #Recycling


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